D-180 Fitness Online Bootcamp Project Video


In late November, BB Digital was asked to come down to Jackson, TN, to film a series of videos for 2 fitness gyms (D-180 Fitness and 1-on-1 Fitness).  D-180 Fitness wanted to highlight their virtual/online bootcamp.

I spent three days down in Tennessee (my first time in the state) and had fun with the great people I met, but I made the mistake of not bringing another member of the team.  It was difficult to manage filming, direction and handling the 6′ crane without a second person.  Packing up, re-assembling the equipment and driving to the different shoot locations in TN was also a challenge.

Thankfully I was the recipient of great southern hospitality, and clients that were open to creative ideas.  It was a valuable learning experience and I’ll update you as the other videos from this trip are eventually completed!

This first video is the actual final video that D-180 Fitness uses to promote their program:

The second video is a short and funny blooper reel … showing some of the mess-ups and stumbles as our excellent actors attempted their lines:


One thought on “D-180 Fitness Online Bootcamp Project Video

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