The Super Bowl … Commercials and American Culture

Watch Super Bowl 2013 Online

I love football.

I played and starred on the High School and College levels.  I’ve had my share of victories, injuries and amazing experiences.

I stopped playing the rough sport about 8 years ago, but I’m deeply involved in the culture of American professional and collegiate football.  ESPN, Fantasy Football, wings, beer, talking shit and wearing the jersey of my favorite teams (NY Jets and the Stony Brook Seawolves)!

Watching elite football (and playing flag football) is a great escape from the stress inducing rigors of the work week and I can’t wait for this year’s Super Bowl!

The producer/commentator in this video does a great job posing some of the dilemmas faced by all of us thinking, intelligent football fans.  It concerns itself with the promotional imagery and messages prevalent in the football culture.  The video also flirts with other issues swirling around the game we love, like the health of the athletes.

I’ll be watching this year’s Super Bowl and enjoying the high priced commercials, as I do every year, but Dennis Trainor makes some valid points … Do you agree with this critical view?


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