My Top 5 Commercial Picks from Super Bowl XLVII


#5 – TIE btwn “Star Trek” and “Iron Man” Trailers – I just really wanna see both of these movies.

#4 Coca Cola’s Security Camera Ad – This commercial made me cringe at the thought of just how incredibly over-surveilled our society is … and then it made me feel good and think, “yeah, how often do cameras actually catch something positive and heartening, instead of the anti-social and criminal stuff we’re always shown?”

#3 Samsung’s “Next Big Thing Ad” – The actors played off each other well.  It was funny, I laughed … but I’m still happy with my HTC One smartphone (Drooooooid)

#2 “Stuck Ad” by Hyundai – I don’t like driving behind dump trucks, farting motorcyclists, missiles, or people with large objects precariously tied to their car roofs either.  I can relate.

And the NUMBER ONE best Superbowl Ad this year:
#1 “Miracle Stain” by Tide – This not only made me laugh by mocking overzealous football fans and the gullible phenomenon of iconic sightings (see: The Jesus Potato Chip) … This ad used the 49ers’ and Ravens’ SuperBowl competition as a perfect backdrop.  Great twist at the end, with the wife “unwittingly” cleaning off the Miracle stain.

SURELY you agree with this list …
Think something else should be on here?
Did I miss one?
What should go?

Later! COMING SOON … Worst 5 Superbowl Ads!
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