UNICEF Wants You To Know That Likes Don’t Save Lives



UNICEF wants your real financial donation, not just your likes on Facebook.  

In a series of recently posted online advertisements, the respected international relief and human rights agency uses biting sarcasm to hammer home that point.  

UNICEF’s Director of Communications in Sweden said, “We like likes, and social media could be a good first step to get involved, but it cannot stop there. Likes don’t save children’s lives. We need money to buy vaccines for instance.”

The ads’ effectiveness is yet to be seen, but the point being made is a real concern for activists in several arenas, who are concerned that online social network activism can sometimes prove counterproductive to the movements and efforts needed.  The ability to “like” a picture or story of a crisis can often times replace real, effective organizing; leaving “slactivists” with the feeling of accomplishment and participation, without doing anything at all.


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