Game Of Thrones – “Don’t Mess With The Lannisters”

Soooooo … a couple weeks ago, I was contacted by a rabid Game of Thrones fan to do a creative video treatment of the popular series.  Right after the gruesome “Red Wedding”, he wanted clips of that scene while some urban classics play underneath.  The client lives out in California and his original request was for DRS’  “Gangsta Lean” and Cormega’s “Killaz Anthem”.

It was a lil weird, but still kinda tight.

Some rounds of revisions were made and he wanted something dark, but more regal and familiar to that era.  He also added clips that showed a bit of the various families/houses involved.  I think it turned out really well and he was exceedingly happy with it too.  I can confidently say that I’ve never had a client request for something quite so random, and cool.

Here’s the final that we came up with:


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