App Let’s You Record The Stuff You Missed, Minutes Ago …

Even with cameras and microphones literally everywhere, sometimes in life you miss that crazy or important moment that you’ll never get back.  Your baby’s first words, or the very first moments when naked gymnast dude managed to disrobe and wild-out in the train station.

Well there’s a new app called “Heard“, for iOS.

Once you open Heard, it immediately begins recording all audio, EVERYTHING within earshot of the iPhone’s microphone.  The Apple Store description reads: “How many times have you been in a meeting, playing with the kids or just hanging out with friends and family…and wished you could have recorded what just happened?”

If something happens or happened that you just have to save, you pop into the app and tap a single button — boom, it’s recorded. If you do nothing, then the buffer will be erased, and that audio instantly disappears into the digital ether.


Once recorded, clips can be named, tagged, emailed, or shared on Facebook.

Heard just launched late last week, and the free app records up to 12 seconds of the past — not a whole lot, but enough to help you wrap your head around the concept. Pay $1.99 for the “Bigger Audio Buffer” in-app purchase, and you can bump the recording buffer up to 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes.

So technically, you can record the sounds of the past … events that occurred up to 5 minutes ago.

  • Let’s be clear … There are limitations to your new found ability to record everything, many US states require everyone to be aware that they’re being recorded or you can get in serious trouble.
  • Let’s be clear a second time … Just because the app claims to delete all recorded audio beyond the preset time allotment, doesn’t mean it’s fully 100% so.  There are currently blogs and twitter pages devoted to the leaked NSFW images from a similar self destructing data app, Snapchat.

Is this is a cool thing?  Or another frightening NSA surveillance type tool for us to avoid?

Have some sensible fun with “Heard“, tell me how it goes.

This is the internet’s most animated animator saying … “he said or she said, whatever … Let’s check that app”

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