Learning On The Internet … Great Lessons And Courses, For Free!

Do not go to Grad school.  No seriously, don’t do it.

If you’re still considering an advanced degree, then the interwebs will only warn you a thousand more times not to.

The value of higher education is very much in question today, and the traditional promise of grad school’s return-on-investment (job security, good pay, benefits), is being proven untrue.

You’ll say “Avoiding unnecessary debt makes a ton of sense, sure, but without formal programs and degrees, how will anyone learn anything?!”

The internet.

Don’t believe me? … Well the internet just taught you not to go to grad school, right?

(mind blown)

Looking for real-time analysis of TV shows and live events > Twitter (Better than cable news)

Need to learn how to coordinate a dope outfit, or install a new muffler, or twerk that booty on the dancefloor? > Youtube.

Wanna learn how to design graphics, edit videos, composite special effects and animation? > Creative Cow, VideoCopilot (That’s how I learned this stuff!)

Not interested?

But wait … there’s more!

Much more than just a collection of interesting niche skills, the internet is loaded with databases, reputable websites, forums, classes and powerful programs attempting to teach you just about any and everything.  It’s only up to you to put in the effort.  Best of all, much of it is FREE.

Ever heard of this site?  >>> Coursera

These people are GIVING AWAY some of the world’s best courses on everything from Intro to Music Production to Cryptography to Think Again: How to Reason & Argue.  Hundreds of other useful and important courses – taught by university professors – that can enrich your life without even looking at your pockets.

How about this link >>> 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online for Free 

The guys at this blog took the time to provide over 100 free information resources, broken down into categories …

  • Science & Health
  • Business & Money
  • History & World Culture
  • Law
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • English & Communications
  • Foreign & Sign Languages
  • Free Books & Reading Recommendations
  • Educational Mainstream Broadcast Media
  • Miscellaneous

If it ain’t at one of those two links, you’re probably into some weird shit … but still only a Google search away from your need, as any number of niche forums exist with people asking, answering and arguing over the same questions.

In the end, there’s a big difference between having access to information, and actually committing yourself to learning.  If you want to be really good at something, you’re gonna have to put in that time to read, understand and apply the knowledge again and again.  Whatever you’re interested in … take the time to invest in yourself, create your own curriculum and use these grand old inter-webs to learn EVERYTHING you wanna know!  Have I mentioned that it’s free?

This is the internet’s most animated animator saying … “I’ve learned so much from my mistakes, I’m thinking of making a few more”


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