Real Producers Of The DMV – Mike Jack Edition – Video Podcast

July 14th, 2013 … the second edition of Remix Live in Washington DC.

Last time the live samples and mixes were creative flips of Motown classics.

This time, we’re working with the King of Pop!

Gadjet runs a site (Scratch Magagzine TV) and podcast that highlights music producers in the DMV area and he got us all together to talk about our creative process, MJ, and lots of other stuff.

Maverick (@maverickbeatsdc),

Panama Jackson (@panamajackson),

Nick tha 1da (@nicktha1da),

Grussle (@Grussle),

Ardamus (@Ardamus),

and Billy Buntin (@BillyBDigital) …. that’s me.

Video courtesy of Gadget (@digitalhustler) and Scratch Magazine TV (@ScratchMagTV).


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