Eye Opening Intro

I’ve always been a fan of intro titles for movies and tv shows.  From the memorable jingles of 90s sitcoms like “Family Matters” to the visual spectacular 3D animated intros for movies like “The Avengers“.

There’s alot of thinking and work that goes into a 10 to 50 second title/opening/closing sequence … to introduce characters/actors, maybe highlight key members of the production crew, and properly set the tone for the core content, without boring the viewer.    The “Game of Thrones” intro is so detailed, powerful and well done … users can learn a great deal about the epic back story and fictional world of the 7 kingdoms, from the intro alone.

If you’re a nerdy fan of these intros and what goes into making them, you will love the website “Art of the Title“; regularly update, with HD content, behind the scenes interviews with the art directors and technicians.

Ok …

I was inspired to do a QUICK, 6 second intro/outro for some of my BBDigital Youtube content.

Wanted a dark, weird, grungy feel …

Here it is:

When I have some time, I’m gonna work on a tutorial for how this was done.


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