Resistencia and Ten Other Eye Opening Documentaries

Tell you what …

Documentary film making is still one of the most powerful visual mediums to tell a story and to deliver a point of view … even in this hyper ADD world of 7 second Vines and 15 second instagram videos.  Doc. films can be as eye catching as any Hollywood film, but stripped of the staged lights, set up and post production effects.  More real.

Filmmaker Jesse Freeston has worked on an excellent documentary, showing the 2009 military coup and the continued political unrest in Honduras, “Resistencia

“When a military coup ousted the only president that ever supported them, they occupied the plantations…and these farmers aren’t going anywhere. ”  The story of Honduran resistance which brought together virtually every sector of society: teachers, feminists, industrial workers, indigenous communities, taxi drivers, students, street vendors, and everyone else who supported the ousted president’s campaign for direct democracy and social justice.

… here are a few other good ones from

10 SHOCKING Documentaries

(Warning: some of these documentaries contain disturbing footage.)

I’ve watched the “Iceman tapes” (cold blooded hitman) and the “Child Of Rage” (sociopathy in a child as a result of sexual abuse) … really jarring stuff.


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