Photographer Poses Strangers Together, Breaking Down Barriers

Richard poses Jenny Wood and Dominek Tucker like adoring family.

Richard Renaldi is a 45 year old photographer and he’s looking for total strangers who were meant to be together, at least for a moment.

Based in New York, Renaldi is working on a series of portraits starring total strangers that he grabs off the street … then he poses them like an adoring family.

“They’re not exactly sure what they just signed up for, and people are a little nervous at first,” Richard says.

Richard calls the project “Touching Strangers” and he started it six years ago.

Now he’s got hundreds of these unlikely pairings and touching moments caught on camera.

In some of the photos — you’d never know these were total strangers, while others clearly show the inherent awkwardness of cuddling a random dude.

When asked by CBS News, at first Brian Sneeden, a poetry teacher, saw no rhyme or reason for posing with 95-year-old retried fashion designer Reiko Ehrman, but eventually he, too, felt a change.
“I felt like I cared for her,” Brian says. “I felt like it brought down a lot of barriers.”

Richard says “Everyone seems to come away with kind of a good feeling … It’s kind of lovely. It’s lovely.”


Renaldi has garnered some great attention for his work and his kickstarter page has support from almost 900 backers, bringing in more than 8x his goal of $10,000.

Please check his site and see more of Richard Renaldi’s work.





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