Chipotle Animation is “beautiful” and “haunting”

As if I needed any more reasons to eat Chipotle.

Chipotle’s new 3 minute ad is being called “the most beautiful, haunting infomercial you’ll ever see.”

The animation and visual effects team at MOONBOT Studios created this amazing 3 minute animation advertisement that features a beautiful cover of “Pure Imagination” (Fiona Apple) from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and it also promotes a free iOS game.

Here’s how they describe it:

In a dystopian fantasy world, all food production is controlled by fictional industrial giant Crow Foods. Scarecrows have been displaced from their traditional role of protecting food, and are now servants to the crows and their evil plans to dominate the food system. Dreaming of something better, a lone scarecrow sets out to provide an alternative to the unsustainable processed food from the factory.

The success story of Chipotle restaurant is already pretty interesting, and since parting ways with its former majority owner McDonald’s, Chipotle has tried even harder to live up to its mission statement of “food with integrity.”  Cleverly, the ad barely mentions “Chipotle” (once, briefly at the end) which is consistent with the company’s view that its target audience — Millennials — “are skeptical of brands that perpetuate themselves.”.

Back in July, for example, the company announced plans to become the first US restaurant chain to strip its menu items of all genetically engineered ingredients.

This Scarecrow ad combines beautiful animation art, with creative and meaningful messaging.

… As if I needed any more reasons to eat Chipotle.


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