Museum of Science Fiction – Washington,DC

Look what’s coming to Washington, DC!

The Museum of Science Fiction (MSF) has its eyes set on the nation’s capital, and they’re looking to first garner some support and buzz to build a “preview museum”.

The preview museum will serve to share the museum vision and hold us over while building their science fiction collection, and designing the full-scale museum.

“The preview museum will become a center for science fiction fans and enthusiasts, in the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities. In the space, we will hold our first public lectures, education programs, film screenings, book signings, and special events. And you’re invited to join our project.  The preview location will also house the museum’s first collection of artifacts from film, television, literature, and art, along with prototypes from the museum’s model shop.”

With popular support, the preview location could be erected as early as 2014.

Here’s the indiegogo crowdfunding effort:

Check some of the artifacts they’ve got lined up in the science fiction collection …



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