GooD HooD – “Quotables”

I was recently brought out on to work on some visual effects for a music video, for Chicago hip hop duo “GooD HooD“!  Check the video below!

The song “Quotables” drops conscious rhymes in between famous quotes from historical figures like Confucius, Bob Dylan, and Henry David Thoreau.

“Deuce & Sab’rey have been making music together since their childhood in Evanston, IL, aka the North Pole of Chicago. Influenced by Chicago artists like Twista, Crucial Conflict, Do or Die, and Psychodrama, as well as hip-hop superstars like Biggie, Tupac, Eminem, Outkast, DMX, and Nas …”  – GooD HooD Music

Both of these guys were cool as shit on set and we had a really interesting conversation about the gun violence in Chicago, and about their music.  

I’m a big fan of the song and the rest of their album, “Liquid Assets

Director: Backie Thomas

All of the performance scenes with clouds and brick wall backgrounds and animated text were composited by the good folks at BB Digital.  


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