Realistic Shadow Sculptures From Garbage … Nice

Most of us can make shadow puppets by contorting fingers in front of a flashlight.

I could pretty much make a decent bunny rabbit, but that was it.

Artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster assemble discarded wood, welded scrap metal, broken tools, cigarette packets, soda cans and piles of trash, then point light to create projected shadows of people standing, sitting, smoking, drinking or anything easily recognizable. Every bit of debris is precisely set in place, taking into consideration its distance from the wall, and its angle with the spotlight.

The result is pretty sick.

My top six favorites are below … see more here:
































Tim_Noble_Sue_Webster_shadow_sculpture_13-normal Tim_Noble_Sue_Webster_shadow_sculpture_15-normal Tim_Noble_Sue_Webster_shadow_sculpture_18-normal wild_mood_swings



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