Wash., DC Rappers Secretly Film a Music Video In North Korea

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been in the news a lot, recently.

Politically, the country is an absolute hereditary dictatorship who’s current leader, Kim Jong-un, is the youngest son of predecessor Kim Jong-Il.  Meanwhile the position of “Eternal President” is held by the late Kim Il-Sung … It’s a bit complicated, so read up if you’redennis-rodman-interview-on-cnn-devolves-into-incoherent-yelling interested.

In a recent CNN interview, former NBA athlete, Dennis Rodman, made headlines for aggressively – and unintelligibly – defending the North Korean regime and his trip there as part of  ongoing “basketball diplomacy“.   At question was the release of Kenneth Bae, a US citizen who is currently serving a 15 year sentence in the country’s labor camps for unspecific “hostile acts”.

Suffice it to say,  North Korea is a secluded, enigmatic country, and a member of George Bush’s infamous “Axis of Evil” … Not that anything George Bush said is worth knowing, but it underscores my point. 

Here’s what’s interesting.

These two Washington DC rappers, “Pacman” and “Peso” recorded a song ‘Escape to North Korea’, and through a kickstarter campaign were able to fund a risky trip to North Korea and film this dope music video under the guise of a “sightseeing tour”.

The DPRK first started allowing American tourists into their country in 1995 with state monitored tours, mostly without incident, but this particular trip occurred in the middle of the US State Department’s harshest travel warning against North Korea ever.  Citing “the risk of arbitrary arrest and detention of U.S. citizens in North Korea.”

The rappers are back at home safely after a bold creative move that got them some rare video footage.  Lyrically, the song doesn’t seem to be making any statements about international politics, but they do show a recognition of harsh realities back in their DC hometown.

“Escape to North Korea, another murder zone.

Double-0 Seven on a mission, feel like James Bond

They say it’s dangerous, well my streets be a hell zone …”

Their Youtube page hails FHTMG “Forest Hills Tenleytown Music Group” as their label, and “the most subversive record label in the world … became the first non government affiliated group to film a music video in North Korea”.

Good shit. @Pacman&Peso

See the video below.


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