Looks like I’ve been neglecting this blog, huh? … yeah.  

Time for a comeback, and I’ll make this the first blog in a while.

At a time when hip hop is frequently criticized for promoting conspicuous consumption, misogyny, waste and violence, Chicago boasts a talented musical outfit called “Save Money Crew”.    

I’ve been listening to Chance the Rapper – Save Money Crew’s most prominent member –  for over a year now.  The video below follow’s Save Money’s Vic Mensa for a day as he chills with friends, talks about life, and posts bail for a friend.

Vic definitely has his own sound and lane, with slick melodic tracks like “Down On My Luck” and “Orange Soda“.  I love both of those tracks, check ’em right now … then come back and read the rest of this.

Vic showcases a chill attitude, demonstrates a love for Rage Against the Machine (+2points), and talks about his city’s violent reputation, in the nickname “Chiraq”.

“I be sayin’ I don’t f*ck with that whole ‘Chiraq’ shit … not like I don’t f*ck with the n*ggas who make music and call themselves Chiraq … I don’t be liking when people hit me up like ‘oh, Vic you from Chiraq’, ’cause that sh*t is so negative.” 

Cool dude, good music.

Vic Mensa & SAVEMONEY Bust Joey Purp Outta Jail – Chiraq


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